and [ weak ən, weak ənd, strong ænd ] function word ***
And can be used in the following ways:
as a conjunction (joining two words, phrases, or clauses):
Rachel plays the piano and sings.
as a way of starting a new sentence and relating it to the previous sentence:
The telephone isn't working. And that's not the only problem.
My name is Chris. And my name is Ivan.
1. ) => NOTE used between words, phrases, etc. in order to connect them together:
the lakes and mountains of Scotland
Everyone was singing and dancing.
You make lunch, and I'll take care of the children.
2. ) used for showing that one thing happens after another:
He turned off the television and went to bed.
3. ) used for showing what your intention or purpose is after verbs such as go, come, try, or wait :
I'll try and find out where we can buy tickets.
Come and see our new kitchen.
4. ) used for showing that one thing causes another:
The directors lied to us in the past and now no one will believe them.
5. ) used for connecting words that are repeated for emphasis:
The situation is getting more and more complicated all the time.
I've tried and tried, but I can't persuade him to change his mind.
It's going to take years and years to repair all the damage.
6. ) used in calculations for showing that numbers are added together:
Two and two is four.
7. ) SPOKEN used for introducing a sentence when you are making an announcement, asking a question, or changing the subject:
And now, here with the sports news is Kevin Leary.
And so what have you been doing lately?
8. ) MAINLY SPOKEN used when you pause to make a remark in the middle of a sentence:
Two thirds of the students and I swear this is true couldn't name a single country in Asia.
9. ) SPOKEN used in numbers after the word HUNDRED or thousand when it is followed by words for numbers less than 100:
a hundred and ten feet
four thousand five hundred and twenty-five pounds
a ) used between whole numbers and FRACTIONS:
two and three quarters

Usage of the words and phrases in modern English. 2013.

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